Inspiration for an enjoyable sustainability!

Resting is sustainable! When you do nothing, it is sustainable.

I’m sorting the posts and tips here so you can find quick straightforward tips or read some longer reasoning about how I think when I’m trying to become “more sustainable”. So the posts are often a bit longer and reasoning while “More sustainable directly” is just that. Short quick tips.

At all times, I want to be transparent so that you can see my sources and judge what I am basing my work on. I have no ties to any party and I am not a member of any organisation.

I cheat on sustainability sometimes but I try to have a direction to change my lifestyle to a more sustainable one. So in that way I am no different from you and many others. I’ve just taken on the task of trying to help others to change their lifestyles too by gathering all the tips and knowledge I can find on these issues.