A sustainable world

Do you feel guilty about the way you live? Are you concerned about climate footprints, environmental degradation and how they affect the future of our children and grandchildren? Do you feel it’s time to do something about it? Here you will find tips and tools to live sustainably yet enjoyably.

The great thing about the future is that it can be influenced!

Maybe you’ve tried to gain knowledge, but are overwhelmed by all the misery that gives you climate anxiety instead of hope? Or that sustainability feels too ambitious and complicated? Like you’re expected to change your whole lifestyle. Crunch kale chips, move to the countryside and grow organic potatoes. No more speeding in a car or grilling bloody steak on a balmy summer evening.

Welcome to our site. Here you will find tips on how to take a step towards living more sustainably, changing habits and consuming smarter. Without compromising on living well.

So that you can continue to enjoy life but with a clear conscience. So that the generation after you and me will also have the opportunity to live happily on a thriving earth.

My ambition with this blog is to make it feel simple and enjoyable, never complicated or boring. Here you will find posts for your everyday life. Such as food, travel, environmentally friendly goods and energy supply. I will draw on both researchers and private inspiration. People who, like you and me, have taken or want to take the step towards living a more sustainable life.

And remember, you don’t have bad judgment just because you don’t fully carbon offset. Set your own climate targets. Start buying more second-hand, take your own box to the ICA, defrost the freezer. Yes, even the small steps that may seem trivial are important.

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