My vision is to inspire enjoyable sustainable development.


To deliver thoughts, services and products so that my customers can contribute to a sustainable society.


The great thing about the future is that it can be influenced.

One day I, like many other Swedes, got climate anxiety. Alarming reports on greenhouse gases. Man as a threat. Is the earth coming to an end? Will my children and grandchildren live in a future of only darkness? But just seeing the dark future is a threat in itself. I realised that the beauty of the future is that it hasn’t happened yet, and that we can always influence it through our actions today. We must never think it is too late.

For me, it was time to do my bit. Because I couldn’t just watch. Or do as world politicians do, put the responsibility on others. So when the car broke down, I got tired. I sold the car and joined an electric car pool. Reduced the meat I had been doing for a long time. It was easy when you are surrounded by vegetarians. Started reading everything I came across about sustainability.

It would never occur to me to call myself an expert. I don’t know everything. Instead, I want to show you what I’ve learned. Because I hope and believe that you also want to know how you can contribute, influence and be important in our sustainable development.

Don’t stop acting because there is a lot to do. Go ahead. Sustainable is not boring or inconvenient, but enjoyable.


Carl-Johan Löwenberg is a trained urban planner with a specialisation in sociology. He has previously been a business manager, analysed social development, project manager and carried out consumption surveys for Statistics Sweden. Today he is an entrepreneur, consultant and tries to live sustainably.

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“Even a long journey begins with a step.”
Chinese proverb.
“We’d better hurry!”
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Carl-Johan Löwenberg

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